Ark Space in Ealing

Ark Space was established in 1998 as a resource for the local community. It is an area for people of all genres in Ealing and the surrounding areas to perform their talents and express themselves.
Ark was founded by Yousif Naser and Dalal Al-Mufti.
Since the conception of Ark, dozens of cultural activities have taken place in the venue: art exhibitions, musical performances, poetry readings, art workshops, lectures and discussions.

2 June 2010

Ark Hosting Salah Al-Hamdani An Iraqi/French contemporary poet

Salah Al-Hamdani An Iraqi/French contemporary poet , actor and playwright  for two events

The first is hosted in conjunction with the Oriental Cultural Forum on Wednesday 2nd June in the Poetry Cafe

Al-Hamdani   will read his poems in Arabic and in French. He will be accompanied by Dikra Ridha who will read some of his poems in English.

Salah Al-Hamdani was born in 1951 in Baghdad and was imprisoned as a political dissident in the 1970’s where he began writing. Some of his work was published in clandestine journals. He has been living in exile in France for the last three decades where he continued to write in Arabic and in French. In his work, Al-Hamdani opposed Saddam Hussein's government and subsequently the US-led Occupation of Iraq. He is particularly known in France for his poem ‘Baghdad Mon Amour’, ‘Baghdad My Beloved’. He has released more than 25 books in Arabic and in French. He has twice been chosen to be included in the French Poetry Anthology.

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