Ark Space in Ealing

Ark Space was established in 1998 as a resource for the local community. It is an area for people of all genres in Ealing and the surrounding areas to perform their talents and express themselves.
Ark was founded by Yousif Naser and Dalal Al-Mufti.
Since the conception of Ark, dozens of cultural activities have taken place in the venue: art exhibitions, musical performances, poetry readings, art workshops, lectures and discussions.


9 Articles
  • مواطن 2020 
Citizen 2020

    مواطن 2020 Citizen 2020

    برنامج طموح يهدف الى ايجاد طرق لتلبية الحاجة الى دعم وتعزيز الفهم الواعي والتعاطف مع قضية الاندماج المجتمعي والتكامل بين افراد المجتمع البريطاني وخصوصا بالنسبة للمهاجرين من بلدان اخرى
    The Citizen 2020 II project began at the North Acton Spring Community Day withNear Neighbours support
    19 December 2018 - Hassan Al Jarrah
  • Calligraphy Course دورة في الخط العربي

    Calligraphy Course دورة في الخط العربي

    s part of its aims and objectives, the Ark conducts workshops and courses designed to recognise and improve the talents of its service users, especially refugees and those from ethnic minority, we intend to run another course in Calligraphy for six weeks from
    يقيم غاليري ( ارك ) مشغلا لتعليم الخط العربي على مدى ستة اسابيع
    سيتضمن تعليم قواعد الخط الكلاسيكية واستعمال برنامج الفوتوشوب في الخط
    30 January 2015 - Hassan Al Jarrah
  • Origami (paper-folding)

    Origami (paper-folding)

    Friday 23th March 2012 الجمعة المصادف 23 آذار


    الشاعرة اكنس ميدوس
  • Calligraphic Marquetry course
    Ladies only للنساء فقط

    Calligraphic Marquetry course

    دورة في التخريم والحفر على الخشب
    17 May 2011 - Hassan Al Jarrah
  • Calligraphic Marquetry course
    Ladies only

    Calligraphic Marquetry course

    25 May 2010
  • Graffiti workshop at the Ark

    Graffiti workshop at the Ark

    18th -29th august 2008, Mon to Fri, 11 am to 5 pm
  • Women's Group At The Ark

    Women's Group At The Ark

    21 May 2008 - Hassan Al Jarrah
  • Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

    Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

    مشغل خط عربي
    11 February 2001 - Hassan Al Jarrah
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